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Life starts with water

Don’t let water problems get in your way. At Clear Water Treatment we can help you treat your water so you can have clean, crisp, and clear H2O. We pride ourselves on offering efficient services and systems to treat your water right

Start treating your water right!

When it comes to water, you deserve nothing but the best

Let’s face it, the quality of drinking water is on everyone’s mind these days. Nobody wants to drink water that smells like rotten eggs or is a bit discolored. Water quality wasn’t always an issue but now there are so many different things that can impact the cleanliness and clarity of your water. Whether it’s hardwater, chlorine, iron, tannins, sulfer, total dissolved solids, high salinity, or biological contamination in your water supply, Clear Water Treatment aims to provide you with the clean and crisp water you deserve.


System Installation

Install new, used or rebuilt systems that fit your budget and family needs. Ask about our water softeners, filters, pumps and reverse osmosis!


Repair water softeners, filters, aerators, pressure tanks, pressure switches, and reverse osmosis systems


Regular scheduled maintenance with our 7 point checklist, flexible frequency, discounted service call rate, and unlimited salt

Free Salt Delivery

Never have to carry salt again. we will do it for you!

3 Clear Steps to Clear Water

  • Give us a call

    Let us know what water or water system issues you may be experiencing

  • We Plan

    We’ll figure out the best way to treat your water or repair your system

  • Relaxation

    Enjoy premium clear water whenever you want!

Since 1991, Clear Water Treatment has been proudly providing premium water to all of Lee County. As a family-owned and operated business, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated, which is why you can always guarantee quality products and services.

Water quality varies from home to home, which is why we have dynamic water filtration systems and softeners in order to give you crisp water. Our services don’t stop at just residential water treatment. Our products also serve as commercial water filtration systems.